Irrigation Feasibility Study and Construction Quality Program

Irrigation Feasibility Study and Construction Quality Program (IFSCQP) is one of the programmes under the Department of Water Resources and Irrigation (DWRI), Government of Nepal ,which conducts studies and investigations for planning and design of GoN funded Irrigation Projects particularly multipurpose water resources projects having irrigation as a major component. The program also  conducts environmental studies (IEE/EIA), and monitoring and evaluation of ongoing irrigation projects of DWRI.

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Date Contract ID Notice title Files Status
2021-06-15 Standing List Notice to Register in Standing List for the Procurement of Survey Equipment Open
2021-03-16 IFSCQP/Consultancy-01/PVIWRMP-077/78 Letter of Invitation for Request for Proposal (RFP No. IFSCQP/RFP-04/PVIWRMP) Master Plan Preparation of Paanchkhal Valley IntegratedWater Resources Management Project (PVIWRMP) Open
2020-12-09 IFSCQP/EoI-01/PVIWRMP Notice of Request for Expression of Interest for "Master Plan Preparation of Paanchkhal Valley Integrated Water Resources Management Project (PVIWRMP)". Open
2077-04-07 2075- 076/DWRI/SDES/PFS/TCDMP Notice of Award of Contract for Pre-Feasibility Study of Tamor-Chisyang Diversion Multipurpose Project Close
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Message From Program Chief

Prabin Shrestha

I hope this platform will be helpful for all the stakeholders and general public to be aware of the different activities performed under this program. I wish f...... See More